Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is wrong with us?

Today I found this post which covers some of our society's most serious ills with a simple question. What will the people of the future think when they look back at us?

Will they be astounded by the huge epidemic of fat people throughout our country? Probably not. Life will just become easier in the future and the number of overweight people will only increase. Why should we work out? It isn't necessary to our continued existence. Being fat isn't subject to ridicule or prejudice (obesity seems to be pretty much accepted these days). It's easy to be fat. The only solution I expect is constant surgeries or drugs to keep the weight down.

Police oversight is something that is absolutely necessary to avoid the level of brutality and corruption we have now. Even in more rural areas where police brutality was never as prevalent, it is becoming commonplace for the police to become militarized. All in the name of bigger budgets and even bigger budgets. These militarized police tend to forget their jobs of "Protect and Serve" and fall into a mindset of "Intimidate and Harass". They don't see themselves as part of the society anymore; they see themselves as keepers of the society, as parents watching over their n'er-do-well children. This is obvious in states where they uphold the illegality of recording a police officer often under the guise of wire-tapping laws. The police are felt to be above the laws they uphold.

And the drug war. So much has been said about this and yet, so many agree with the policies of criminalizing drug users. We have created a criminal class out of law-abiding citizens. Most offenders have never been convicted of anything besides possession. Our prisons are overflowing; we let murderers walk after a minimal sentence just to make room for that guy growing weed in his closet. Crime is the business of our courts and business is great. We should all be fighting to put some sense back into our courts.

Will our grandchildren look back at us and be surprised by our obvious faults or will they look back and not even imagine that it could be any other way?  These issues need to be fixed now or they will just keep growing and soon it will be "just the way it is".


  1. I agree, it feels like society is on a downward spiral. Nothing lasts forever though I guess

  2. Well think about it this way, nothing was truly as good as we think it was.

    When you look back we have the tendency to ignore the bad which makes our current situation contrast even more.

  3. This is actually really interesting. Not many consider how people will look back on them.

  4. Fuck da police. Lol, but really, good insight.

  5. ROFLMAO reminds me of that walmart site with the pictures of people at walmart

  6. I enjoyed reading this, kudos sir. I really do agree with you about our courts and how they're fucking us over.... The money allotted to drug wars and prisons for drug users is enormous. That could all go to hospitals... or Poor people... or Soup Kitchens...


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